DVD Commentaries

For our short film we have to make a DVD Commentary to accompany this. I’ve watched a couple of DVD commentaries including the Watchmen Director’s Cut commentary by Zack Snyder. The 3 hour commentary talks about processes involved, how effects were made to create the God-like superhuman, Dr Manhatten and how the classic comic book was adapted into the film it supposedly couldn’t be made into. This is a more by-the-books, “this is how it was done” etc whereas the commnetary for Zombieland is a far more relaxed affair where the cast are casual in their chat with each other talking with a little less focus. Jesse Eisenenberg is one of the more focused members taking part in the commentary but overall it’s more relaxed. 

Review of Filming

We recently filmed our short on Saturday 7th December, the filming process itself was mostly successful bar a few minor obstacles.

Our actor, Stephen Carnegie, turned up a little late due to a problem with the trains. We were very pleased with his input, he came up with some great improv and, in my opinion, did a great job overall. We got all the footage however it did take longer to film than we had anticipated so we had to rearrange a pick up for the actors that played the thugs for us. Due to the dropout of our actress we had to rewrite the script and this impacted on the thug scene which I feel turned out better than the scripted version.

We got all the shots needed and the rewrite went ok and we got plenty of footage so now we need to get some music and work on putting it all together for the final cut!