Moderator’s Page

On this page you will find:
– One of Those Days, a short film from CHRASH Productions
– Evaluative DVD Commentary for One of Those Days
– Film Poster for One of Those Days
– Magazine Review for One of Those Days



This is the completed version of our short film, One of Those Days. Enjoy!



This is our evaluative DVD commentary for our short film “One of Those Days” it inlcudes footage from the screening’s feedback session among other content.



Film Poster

This is the poster for my short film for which I tried to implement as many conventions from other film posters as I could find. I felt the poster represents my short film well and I tried to be a bit different with my stylistic touches such as the use of colour on a black and white background. I also added in some film festival logos to add a certain prestige to the project.



Magazine Layout

This is the completed review for One of Those Days in a magazine which is based on Empire in the the way I’ve written, presented and coloured it.

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