Poster Analysis: Prince Avalanche Poster

Prince Avalanche Poster

This is the poster for Prince Avalanche, a small indie film starring Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch that toured many of the biggest, most important, independent film festivals including Sundance Film Festival. The image used for the poster gives the impression of the central relationship between Rudd and Hirsch in the film leaving multiple hints in it’s construction such as how they paint the road lines. The cones and the lines are representative of this.

The poster has all key writing in the central column of the poster such as title, cast, director and the unspecified release date. This is a teaser poster and so would be basic giving very little away. I think it looks really good, giving off an indie vibe that would be popular with it’s target audience.

I will use the film poster page to analyse more posters instead of clogging up my homepage with posts that may become repetitive.


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