Aningaaq Short Film

Aningaaq is a short film companion piece to the critically acclaimed film, Gravity (which at the time of speaking is still in cinemas).
It ties in with a small part of the Gravity narrative in which Dr Ryan Stone communicates to the titular Aningaaq via radio, however with Aningaaq not speaking English and Stone not speaking Greenlandic, the two can’t communicate and he cannot understand her cries for helping assuming her name is “Mayday” as she cries out “Mayday! Mayday!” for help.
Although with a bigger budget than ours the short seems fairly simple, there are very few props used and the location is bare. It’s focused on characters and the conversation between them. This is where a really strong script comes into play as vital to a short film.
It’s also important to note how the excellent use of sound (taking it’s lead from the sound design in Gravity), as it occasionally mutes everything else out so only a solitary voice is audible. It’s an excellent short that comes together to be more than the sum of it’s parts.
However, it does to a degree rely on the audience, if you haven’t seen Gravity this may seem to be boring or pointless but it’s interesting how stories can be carried on through the medium of short films, enhancing the experience for the audience.


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