Character Profile: William Rhodes

Character Profile: William Rhodes

William Rhodes is an average, everyday 20-something guy who gets thrown into a situation when randomly eccentric genre clichés bombard him throughout this one day in his life complicating matters further for our unlucky protagonist.

I imagined William Rhodes to look similar to Mat Baynton, I’ve recently watched the BBC2 comedy, The Wrong Mans which was Baynton wrote and starred in. Baynton’s character was represented similarly to what William could potentially be and what I imagined him to look like. Mat Baynton is young enough and can pull off both spoken jokes and physical comedy, his physique is tall and slender, a trait I feel would work really well for William. The character needs to be likable and the audience need to sympathise with him. Having released our casting call we’ve received quite a number of responses and are very pleased with the few applications we’ve had, a few initially stand out physically for the aesthetic of the character we were aiming for but we will have a look at portfolio’s and videos provided by the actors before making a definite decision. Initially we’re very pleased with this response.


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