Some Static Started

This is a great short film that’s a brilliant showcase of visual style. The aesthetic of the short is really good, it makes you feel as confined and sweaty as it appears in the short film. It’s also an impressive example of what can be done in the spaces you have available, the short is only shot in a few locations and for an 8 minute short that’s quite impressive especially considering the size of the rooms, they seem small and cramped but that actually adds to the overall feel of the film.

The film itself is an excellent example of building tension and atmosphere, it’s a creepy, slightly torturous film at times, in how it doesn’t spoon feed you everything. The acting is some of the best I’ve seen in a short film, this short film, as much as any, was an example of how actors can double the effect your film has on an audience, without the actors in this film I believe there would be a lack of tension and atmosphere that other actors would’ve been unable to create but the chances of finding those actors would most likely not be particularly high and so extensive an extensive decision making process where material from the actor/ actress’ CV will be watched and trawled through to find the perfect actor for our short film.

The props used are perfect for the film and the blood effects look realistic. One of the most impressive, ambitious short films I’ve seen that is as chilling as any I’ve seen and even more chilling than a number of big budget feature length horror films.

The actor sat in the white shirt talking was excellent, the pick of a really good group but the moment that sticks in my mind is when she peeks round the door frame and starts to scream with the audio being cut completely, this was a really good technical device to use, I thought that was really stunning in way that suits the film, shockingly brilliant.


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