Our Pitch

We pitched our short film on Wednesday 23rd October and we received mostly positive feedback!

Across the board, our fellow filmmakers really liked our pitch, they thought the idea was really good and that our approach to shooting the short film, stylistically and narratively was good. We stated how we were going to embrace how silly we were being and that we were going to wear our clichés on our sleeve. The title was quite popular with the audience and, whilst being simple, was a well liked, appropriate title. We needed to clarify what was actually going to happen but apart from that, the plot was mostly understood.

There were questions about actors and this was the main feedback that we really took on board but we said we were looking to complete all our pre-production plans such as script and we wanted to finalise our story before approaching and advertising our short film project to potential actors.  

Overall, I feel the pitch went very well and Chris & I worked well as a team whilst we received the positive reception we’d hoped for but weren’t sure we’d get. I think it’s a great end to this stage of the project.


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