Maybe One Day

This is a really uplifting short film about a man who escapes his boring life and goes on an adventure all in the space of a day. It’s similar to our short film idea as the events of the short all happen in the space of a day. The short film could provide a good reference point for us to use, to improve and mould our short film. Although we intend for our short to have a very different feel, tone and plot it’s a great way for us to make a good short film by looking at mildly and extremely similar and dissimilar shorts.

I think this short shows the importance of a good actor. The voice and expressions are great and with so little acting he does so much to draw the audience in. Seeing only his front and back from just below the shoulders to the top of his head and still keeping the audience gripped is no mean feat. I think the relatability of the protagonist makes him so watchable and the fact he is so normal allows the audience to relate making the short film even more powerful. He could be you, me, the guy sat to your right, that’s what I think makes this short so watchable. I think it’s also important to mention the music, a really nice use of sound which we would do well to get such a successful accompaniment to our film.

Last year we tried to use equipment similar to this, it allows for some great shots and suits this short exceptionally well, it’s inspiration for Chris and I to experiment and try new equipment instead of just using a standard tripod.


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