Job Street

Job Street is a short focused on the idea of immigrants and the struggle to live and work in England.

Although the film is nicely shot however I felt the end product to be a little bit preachy. It was too much for me and I became bored quickly. I feel the message the short film spreads is of great importance but I’m not quite sure you can properly convey all of what’s going on in 10 minutes, the issue is far more complex than that.

The acting was authentic and the short does well to represent a range of immigrants and to show what each one if going through but to really have an emotional bond and to feel for these characters I feel we need to establish more of a relationship. I believe the short was intended to make you feel sad or shocked for which I felt neither. It was just too in your face for my liking.

Visually, a good short with some nice camerawork and the split narrative design works well however I don’t believe this is the right format to show such a huge issue.


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