Goodbye Mr Snuggles

Goodbye Mr Snuggles is a short film starring James Fox and Robert Hardy. It’s a quirky tale that totally juxtapositions two types of people, the crazy clown and the old gentleman out for a lesisurely afternoon. We aim to juxtapose at some point in our short as we believe it can be a great narrative technique to surprise the audience and gain a reaction, especially for comedic purposes.

The film has some nice shots and looks great, the locations are superb as are the props used. The story is paper thin and isn’t that interesting but it keeps the audience hooked, the characters do enough to keep hold of our attention and ending was a nice surprise, narratively. This shows that paying as much attention to the characters as we do to the story is vitally important. Having already highlighted the importance of actors with “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” teaser trailer this is another integral piece of the short film to highlight. Character is massively important in getting the audience onside and making the short film actually work.

A very good short in my opinion.


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