Research Presentation

Research Presentation

This didn’t upload on Tuesday but finally we’ve posted our research of short film attempts with a similar theme to what we want to do. We’ve shown 2 videos and this has taught us both good and bad things about what we can do with our project.

I feel that we were a bit scathing with our criticism however in the long run I feel this will benefit us. I believe that harsh criticism can ensure the same mistakes aren’t made twice and hopefully we produce something a little more intelligent than the 2 shorts shown here. We need to treat the audience as smart, individual viewers and not spoon feed them with naive, idealised views of the world, the real issue when looking at lonely people however, is that we don’t want to go too far the other way and portray a potential message like “EVERYTHING IS BAD”. We need to maintain a good balance which I believe we will. If we can maintain a balanced view, or maybe just lean slightly (and only slightly!) to one way I think we will have done well.

We can neither smother the audience with fake love and affection nor can we dampen their mood. If there’s a word to describe what to aim for I believe that word would be uplifting.


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