The Punisher: Dirty Laundry

The Punisher: Dirty Laundry

During my research I found this short film, I really liked this short as the action was really nicely shot and I felt it was a nice play on the MARVEL comic book character, “The Punisher”. The narrative is basic and the characters are simple but it’s very effective and popular, especially with fans of the character, with whom it was held in a far higher regard than the feature length films. This, like Right Place, is essentially a story about a loner, and in the character of Frank Castle we have a hero to get behind and to side with even though The Punisher is an anti-hero! This is a very explicit example of the action genre of short films, the violence and gore is excessive and the swearing is frequent however, as this may work for some people it can also alienate some audiences who may be unable to enjoy the film because of it. There are flashes of other genres in this as there is some comedy for example after he beats up the gang he just goes and sits down by his laundry again.

It’s well shot and the use of close ups is great allowing all the emotion to be registered by the audience. The use of location and props also adds to the feel and atmosphere of the short, this clearly had a sizeable budget due to the actors featured (Thomas Jane as the titular Punisher and Ron Perlman as the shop owner adding extra dramatic weight to the film. The effects are also done quite professionally which would be difficult for us on such a small budget. Still a great example of a short film that’s a little longer than most and it’s interesting to see how different genres deal with story and how the genres crossover as they very briefly do here.


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